Letter from Ann Pagenstecher to MLK



Ann Pagenstecher from Harvard College Library offers Dr. King a copy of a bibliography that lists publications, both, by and about him. She shares supportive words with Dr. King, applauding his crusade regardless of the outcome. The attached bibliography contains a brief biography of Dr. King's life and seven pages of literature including books and articles from prominent publications such as Ebony Magazine, The New York Times, and The Christian Century.

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Letter from Ann Pagenstecher to MLK
Wednesday, August 31, 1966
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[Page 2] [Stamped in red ink: SEP[tember] 6 1966] [Page 3] [Inserted in Text in top margin: For Martin Luther King Jr[Junior]., with the compliments of the author,] [Inserted Text below 'author': Ann Pagenstecher]
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