J. M. Douglas Expresses Concern about the Influx of Cuban Imigrants


J. M. Douglas writes Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to express his concern for the influx of Cubans in America. He fears that jobs for young Negros are at stake and suggests that Dr. King include the concern in his demands for the March on Washington.

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Wednesday, January 17, 1968
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Jan. 17, 1968 Rev.Martin L. King Jr. Atlanta, Georgia Dear Sir: While you are planning a protest march to Washington, I wish you would include in your demands (Underlined:demands) something that really concerns me, and you, especially, as it effects the lives of young negros the most It is the air lifting of these 75,000 cubans per year, into America, at a staggering cost. I also read that these Cubans are taking all the jobs in Florida that should go to our own young people. I hope you investigate this. why should we bring all these young men to America, while our young men are going over seas to fight and die. Let them stay in Cuba and fight for their country It really bothers me, so I hope you can do something about it. Good luck. (Closing Signature: J.M. Douglas)
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