Hall Syndicate: LBJ Unveils New Education Plan


Howard U. sends this article to Dr. King with a note asking him to have the students protest its contents, and soon. The article, by Robert S. Allen and Paul Scott, discusses President Lyndon B. Johnson's proposed plan to allow students to borrow from the federal government to finance their college education, repaying the loans through extra income taxes during their working years.

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Hall Syndicate: LBJ Unveils New Education Plan
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{Inserted text on left margin: I'll endorse this so you will no the [Underlined: Urgency] with which you must act - some bankers may not want this. That is short sighted A college educated man is always a better market, he wants [Underlined text:things!] I will discuss this where ever you wish- can you get the [Underlined Text:Howard U] students to petition this bill this MONTH?
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