God (His Love)


Dr. King writes that the answer to F. W. H. Myers' question about whether the universe is friendly lies at the basis of religion. His cites E. C. Wilm's "The Problem of Religion."

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God (His Love)
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God (His love) F.W.H. [Frederic William Henry [Crossed out text: MS Illegible] Myers, the English essayist and investigator of psychic phenomenon was once asked what one thing he would like to know above all others, what one question, if he were restricted to one, he would ask the Sphinx. After a moments silence he replied that he thought it would be this; is the universe friendly? It is this question, which lies at the basis of religion Christianity answers it positively affirming that God is love. E.C. [Emil Carl] Wilm, The Problem of Religion, p.114
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