Dr. King quotes Paul Tillich's definition of "dynamics" from his book Systematic Theology.

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[Page 1] [Inserted Text in Top left margin: Dynamics] "Dynamics therefore, cannot be thought as something that is; [Illegible] [in?] it be thought as something that is not. It is the [Underlined: me [our?], the potentiality of being, which is numbering in contrast to things that have a form, .and the power of being n contrast to pure non being. " (Tillich, ST, I, 179) This polar element to form appears as the [Underlined:Vrground?] of [Boheme.?] [Page 2] [Inserted in Top middle margin:(2[Day?]) the "will" of Schopenhauer, the "will to power" of Nietzsche, the [Crossed out:MS:[word?] unconscious" if Hartmann and Freud, the [Underlined:i[idan?] vital] of Bergson. Each of these concepts points symbolically to that which cannot be named. (179)
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