Draft Letter from MLK Regarding Grand Freedom March



Dr. King addresses his "Brother-In-Christ" requesting assistance for an up and coming March for Freedom held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He makes three requests including financial and social support.

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Draft Letter from MLK Regarding Grand Freedom March
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Draft Dear Brother - In - Christ: As you know by now we have been invited to Philadelphia Pennsylvania for a mammoth Freedom Rally at the City Auditorium, October 7th at 8:00 P.M. I am writing this personal note to you to enlist your aid and support. Our work is non-violent direct action and voter registration is sustained totally by gifts from our friends who are concerned with the struggle in the Deep South. Most of our funds come from our pastors and their churches. Thus, I wonder if you would do the following for the sake of our common struggle I would consider it a personal favor. 1. Keep October 7th before your congregation encourage them to attend in large numbers. 2. Set aside October 4th as Freedom Sunday. On this day, along with the other churches of the city, provide your members with the opportunity to make a sacrificial Freedom offering through our Dollars for Freedom envelopes that will be provided to your congregation. 3. Be with us on the night of the of the 7th in the reserved seat for the Clergy and participate in the Grand Freedom March to present your congregation "Dollars for Freedom". For any further information, contact Mr. Samuel L. Evans at L03-0492 I am counting on you. The struggle needs your support. May God continue to bless the labor of your hands. Sincerely, [Closing Signature: MLK]
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