Dr. King Sermon Notes


Under the subject, "The Vision of a World Made New," Dr. King drafted these sermon notes. The essential message of the sermon referred to a need for a "new world order". Plato and Karl Marx are two of the great philosophers referenced in this document. Dr. King delivered this sermon at the annual meeting of the Woman's Convention Auxiliary, National Baptist Convetion in St. Louis, Missouri on September 9, 1954.

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Dr. King Sermon Notes
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[Inserted in margin: The Vision of A World Made New] Frequently there appears on the stage of history individuals who have the insight to look beyond the inadequacies of the old order and see the necessity for the new. These are the persons with a sort of divine discontent. They realize that the world as it is is far from the world that it ought to be. They never confuse the "isness" of an old order with the "oughtness" of a new order. And so in every age and every generation there are these persons who have envisioned some new order. Pluto envisioned it in his Republic as a time when justice would reign throughout society and philosophers would become kings and kings philosophers. Karl Marx envisioned it as the emergence of a classless society in which the proletariant would ultimalety [ultimately] conquer the reign of the bourgeoisie. Out of such a vision grew the slogan "From each according to his abilities, to each according to his need."
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