Dr. King Acceptance as an Honorary Member of Wellesley College


Dr. King often had delayed responses due to his strenuous schedule, traveling obligations, and completion of the necessary duties as the President of the SCLC. Dr. King's letter to Miss Knight provides an example of the unintentional unpunctuality as he accepts an award as an honorary member of Wellesley College class of 1966.

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Dr. King Acceptance as an Honorary Member of Wellesley College
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[Crossed out: Dear Mr. Munshu, thank you for your letter of] Dear Miss Knight, Thank you for your letter of May 17, I am sorry for this delay in replying, but the urgency [and] frequency of my duties as Pres[ident] of the SCLC [Southern Christian Leadership Conference] [Crossed out: have prevented me] often prevent me from answering correspondence, immediately. [Crossed out: Some] With the delay, letters are sometimes mislaid or misplaced. I hope you will accept my sincerest apology. I am indeed honored [Crossed out: by] in having been elected an honorary member of the Wellesley class of 1966. This is [Crossed out: a great] an admirable tribute to the American Negro and our struggle for freedom and equality. [Crossed out: and May I say, contribute the Freedom Movement] [Left Margin: Text Insert: Consequently, if it is not too late,] I would be [Crossed out: delighted] proud to accept such a. It is an honor for both myself and the staff of the S.C.L.C. [Southern Christian Leadership Conference], which works so diligently and patiently [Crossed out: in there] to support me, [Crossed out: in our efforts] in or struggle toward freedom I am grateful to [crossed out: all] the students of Wellsley College for having bestowed such a honor upon me. Their support is both heartening [and] encouraging. [Closing Signature: M.L.K.] [Martin Luther King]
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