Christmas Gift List of Mrs. King



This list entails those in receipt of a Christmas gift from Coretta Scott King.

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Christmas Gift List of Mrs. King
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[Page 1] [Crossed out outside left hand margin: [Illegible] [Inserted above top margin: AM 4-3259 AM [Illegible] 2970] Christmas Presents 1. Ms. Black 2.Mr. [Moore?] 3. [Crossed out: Ms.[Illegible] 4. Miss [Crossed out:Illegible] 5.The [Starrs?] and McCarthys 6. The Abernathy's 7. Finleys [Illegible] 8.[Bob Williams?] 9.[Illegible] 10. Rest [Illegible] 11. [Sweeny?] Man 12. Georgia 13.[Minnie?] 14.Alfreda D. 15.[Crossed out:Mrs. Bush] Mrs.[Illegible] Mr.Hall Mrs.[Illgebile] 16. [Crossed out:Illegible] 17. [Crossed out: Illegible] 18.Stanley and Bea 19. Bayard 20.[Crossed out:Illegible] 21.[Crossed out:Illegible]. 22.[Crossed out:Illegible] 23. Mrs.[Illegible] and [Pickett] 24.[Crossed out:Dr.[Illegible] 25.Dr. and Mrs [Illegible] 26.Crossed out: Mrs. Ballou] 27.[Crossed out: Mrs.[Hunter?] 28. Georgia 29. [Sandy?] Ray 30.[Illegible] 31. J T 32. Cousin [Illegible] 33. Uncle Jeff 34.[Illegible] and Joseph 35.[Illegible] page [Illegible] [Illegible] [Illegible] [Illegible] [Mrs. Black] John Bea Mother King Christine Mommy [Illegible] Juanita [Page 2] Family Mother and Dad Scott [Illegible] Obie L. [Illegible] Edythe and Authur [Illegible] Naomi and A.D. [Illegbile] [Crossed out:Alveda Derick Alfred [and] Darlyne] Mother and Dad King Christine Issac Martin [Inserted Text in right hand margin:Illegible]
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