A Born Again Christian writes MLK



The author of this letter, signed "Born Again Christian," urges Dr. King to set his ministry more on God rather than participating in civil rights demonstrations.

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A Born Again Christian writes MLK
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Rev [erend] Martin Luther King Dear Sir, It is rather shocking to see a man of God with all the facilities such as Radio and Television not preaching the True Word. You were called of God to preach repentance to your people.? Ye must be Born again.? Repent or ye shall all likewise perish.? The Lord doesn?t make a difference between Black and White. We don?t need Black Power or White Power. We Need Christianity with Jesus [Page 2] our ruler and King. We cannot expect Peace until Jesus reigns within our hearts. ? He? is coming soon. I do hope you will take all the opportunities God has given you to ask your people to return unto the Lord. The Negro has enough good Christians amongst them to help the poor and needy and show the love of God. They could put the white people to shame. A nation or people that forget God shall be cast into Hell. ?Preach it.? We will be praying for you. Born Again Christian
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