Anonymous Sender Criticizes MLK



This anonymous writer challenges Dr. King with his complaints concerning the Civil Rights Movement. He argues that a Negro man should be held responsible for breaking the law and should expect rightful punishment.

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Anonymous Sender Criticizes MLK
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[Page #1] Lapeen, Mich[Michigan] Reverend Martin Luther King First Baptist Church Atlanta, Georgia Dear Mr King: - I speak to you in the name of Our Lord God. The compliments f your brothers, the negro race, are no different than those of the white race. If they brake the law, which is for security of our country, they must be punished to learn to respect the law and rights of their neighbors. Rioting, such as is going on right now is temporary insanity. They are greedy. Take something for no work. [Page #2] Our God has layed [laid] down a plan for peaceful co-existence. In the ruler is, from the beginning of time, by the sweat and [tears?] of a man he earns his bread. I know many negroes who have educated themselves and [even?] have responsible positions in society. We have a negro mayor in Flint and [Saginan], Michigan. The [MS: Illegible] showed he put in concentration camps when they can be contained. They expect, what the white people have struggled for for three hundred years to be [underlined: given] to [underlined: them]. They must realize they have to [Page #3] [underlined: earn] respect. I have seen negro families living in the ghettos with a nice cadilac [Cadillac] parked in the front of it. This real problem, same as white juvenile delinquents, begins in the homes. Some with mothers of illegitimate children, too many, no father for discipline etc. Please get this across to your people. If you would like to be worthy of the [Nobel] Peace Prize which was awarded to you. Do something real for all of we. For you must know America will never become a Communist state. [Page #4] As for Vietnam. We are there to stop the spread of communism around the world. And we will stop it. If you are a true American you will repudiate your former statements. [MS: Illegible] you will be brought to shame. Ill be watching the progress. Hope I'll say in my heart 'Well done, my good and faithful servant.' These are a few of my thoughts. Hope they will help you to proceed on a different course of action. 2 Thank you
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