Anonymous Letter to MLK


The sender of this letter lists six main goals that should be accomplished in 1968. The sender pleads for Dr. King to take leadership in accomplishing these goals.

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Anonymous Letter to MLK
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Dear Dr. King, [Stamp in Red Ink: NOV[ember] 15 1967] There are six (6) things we should try to accomplish in 1968. 1. Narrow the gap between the rich and poor. 2. Eliminate personal materialism. 3. Challenge congress wanting to hold the Status Quo. 4. Automation is taking jobs 5. Eliminate U.S. Industry building plants overseas. 6. Peaceful dis-obedience until the above five (5) things are accomplished. Dr. King, the halls of Congress are where pressure must be brought. [Underlined: We must] narrow the gap between the rich and poor. Please lead the way. [Underlined: Please]
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