Anonymous Letter to MLK



The author of this letter writes Dr. King concerning the state in which Negroes live. The author feels as if Dr. King only addresses the faults of the white race instead of those of his own race.

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Anonymous Letter to MLK
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[Page 1] Dear Rev[erend] King I always admire you for your fairness before. But now you seem to change now you know there is bad and good among all people black or white. But you don't point out any faults at all of your own people, just the whites. Why don't you form a bucket and [Underlined: Soap] army and teach your people how to use it in their apartments like other poor people do! They don't steal toilet seats or door knobs or [Page 2] pipes when move. I ta[l]ked to color people that work for a living and they feel bad. When they have to work and see the welfare ladies sleeping till noon and the money is taken out of their paycheck for them. They just stay home and drink and have affairs with other men or their husbands that run out and hide when a case work comes to call. This goes on all the time if you would take time to check with other people that live amongs [among] them but are decent and clean.
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