Adverse Letter from J. H. Moore to MLK


J. H. Moore expresses his dislike for Dr. King's leadership style. He argues that Dr. King's efforts have stirred up hatred and discontent, even amongst black citizens.

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Adverse Letter from J. H. Moore to MLK
Tuesday, February 13, 1968
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Febuary 13th 1968 Dr. Martin L. King- From the Paper you have returned to Atlanta Georgia. The [hardest?] way you can help the Churhes and Country is to stay there as you are not welcomed here. you are considered by many to be an agitator you are really not helping anyone you just stir up hatred. you must [berfore?] the public. We do not like to hear or see you and turn you off all ther time. you make a big show and nosie and really do nothing to help others. I have heard more than one negro say we think for ourselves. Yours truly J.H. Moore
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